Monday, June 4, 2012

Silver Rings and Bands

Silver Rings and Bands

Durango Silver Company has been working hard developing a totally new collection of Silver Rings and Bands for 2012. We are excited about our new project in creating new creative styles of world class Silver Jewelry from the American Southwest that people from around the world will appreciate.

Silver Rings and Bands from the Southwest

Many in the Silver Jewelry industry have the same opinion and that is that Southwestern Silver Jewelry designs from the Southwest have become stagnant and outdated. As in every segment of the new tech world, everything is changing! The way we think, the way we eat, the clothes we wear and of course how we adorn ourselves in this new age.

Durango Silver Company has been excelling through this present recession at a rate of over 33% annually over the past 2 years. There is no question, our business in quickly moving from brick and mortar to the Internet. Just 3 years ago we had depended mostly on a tourism trade of around 500,000 visitors that would pass by our Trading Post and maybe stop in. Business between May and October was good to brisk at times, however, any changes in the weather or economy would directly effect our business and sometimes dramatically!

Today, we have access to over 500,000,000 individuals that are possible interested in our Silver Jewelry as well as our Silver Rings and Bands. It is now our mission to produce a line of Silver Rings and Bands that will be very desirable to a good percentage of the individuals who visit our Online Silver Gallery. Very soon, we will be designing Gold and Silver Jewelry on our computer and producing individual as well as production pieces in wax with a 3-D milling machine that works on 5 axes in real time. It is totally amazing and with our artistic abilities in Southwest design you will be shocked by the quality of Gold and Silver Jewelry we will be offering in less then one year.

To say the least, a new age of innovation in Southwestern styled Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Rings and Bands will be coming out of the Southwest from Durango Silver Company.

Silver Rings and Bands by Durango Silver Company

As we migrate into the new world of technology and high tech Jewelry design with our new vision of Southwest Jewelry designs, we invite you to watch our company grow with this new and exciting age of technology. Visit our site often to see the Silver Rings and Bands we are producing today and by all means keep coming back to check up on us to watch our business transform into a world class Jewelry manufacturer from the American Southwest.

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