Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mens Band Ring

Mens Band Ring

Durango Silver Company is working diligently this year on producing the best Mens Band Ring to come out of the Southwestern USA for years to come. We Have been producing a different type of Mens Band Ring that is sleek and extremely comfortable for men to wear, we call this a "Saddle Mens Band Ring".

Saddle Mens Band Ring

A Saddle Mens Band Ring, as above, is different than most Silver or Gold Rings that have been commonly coming out of the Southwest in the past years. A Saddle Mens Band Ring is built differently as the foundation of this Ring is made completely round and smooth, this makes a mens Ring feel very comfortable when worn. The Band Ring is the perfect thickness so it is not to heavy and most definitely not to light. The raised design which is on the crown of the ring is made to be low profile, however, it does not appear that way, it is and this keeps the ring from hanging up on obstacles and that is the #1 issue men have with wearing a Ring. The Saddle Mens Ring by Durango Silver Company has proven itself to be our best selling Mens Band Ring in the past and we are going to broaden our selection of them this year.

Mens Band Ring by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been known worldwide for producing the best Mens Band Ring coming out of the Southwest. We have been specializing on the Mens Band Ring design for many years and have a tremendous following for our special style.

We invite you to check out our blog on the Mens Band Ring which leads you to additional information pages that have photos, text describing the photos, and a lot of great educational information on the Mens Band Ring.

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