Friday, April 20, 2012

Mens Silver Bands

Mens Silver Bands

Durango Silver Company has produced many types of Mens Silver Bands in the last forty years of business here in Durango, Colorado USA. We make Silver Bands here in Durango and we handle Native American Indian Silver Bands from the American Southwest.

Specialty Mens Silver Bands

We mine and collect American Turquoise from Nevada, Arizona and Colorado and we use our finest quality gemstones in our Mens Silver Bands. Our specialty Mens Silver Bands are of the highest quality due to our company standards as well as our expertise in Turquoise.

Quality Mens Silver Bands

We realize most people choose their Mens Silver Bands by going down to the local Jewelry Store or now days shopping on TV, however, for the most part they are buying production Jewelry made for a highly competitive market - bulk sales! Durango Silver Company make  much higher grade Mens Silver Bands as well as all of the rest of our Silver Jewelry. We make Artisan Crafted Mens Silver Bands and they are made in the USA!

We invite you to visit our online Silver Gallery to view what we currently have available.

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