Friday, May 4, 2012

Mens Ring Bands

Mens Ring Bands

We have just created a new website on Mens Ring Bands and invite you to view a great informational page addressing many important things you may want to know when buying Mens Ring Bands. There are several photos and a lot of great information pointing out the different aspects of Mens Ring Bands.

Artisan Mens Ring Bands

Artisan Mens Ring Bands from Durango Silver Company are considerably different that those you will find at your local shopping mall or TV show. We produce unique designer Silver Mens Ring Bands here in Durango, Colorado USA that have a Southwestern style. Our style of Ring Bands are appealing to individuals that like Jewelry that is different from the normal Silver Jewelry typically available in the marketplace.

Our roots of Jewelry design derives from earlier times when the Spaniards came through our region in search of Gold and Silver. Atsidi Sani, a Navajo Blacksmith, learned how to work with Silver from the Spanish Conquistadors in 1865 which is when the Silver Jewelry trade began in the Southwest. Our companies designs still have strong elements of these early designs that are truely magnificient.

Quality Mens Ring Bands

Our Mens Ring Bands are made in the USA and are high quality works of art. We make Artisan crafted Mens Ring Bands that are truely unique in style and design. We invite you to take a look at our Silver Mens Ring Bands if you are considering a special Silver Gentlemans Ring.

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