Friday, May 11, 2012

Native Bands | Durango Silver

Native Bands

Native Bands | Durango Silver - We have created an informational page on Native Bands we believe you will enjoy. The blog in this link has some good information and it leads you to our new website on Native Bands which has even more information directly related to Native Bands.

American Native Bands from the Southwest

American Native Bands from the American Southwest are generally made by the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indians as well as many other Artisans that live throughout the Southwest. Many of the designs derived from the Spaniards, you will see geometric designs, engraved designs, rope designs and more. Southwestern style is very warm, enchanting and natural feeling right down to the soul, the flavors of the Southwest are exceptional and the Silver Jewelry from this area is fabulous! Check out our Native Bands from the Southwest, we think you will love them.

Native Bands from Durango Silver Company

Silver Bands and Native Bands from Durango Silver Company are unusual, you will immediately see they have a different character then others that you are probably use to seeing. If you like what you see, make certain you come back often to see the new Native Bands we put up regularly.

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