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Ribbon Turquoise Ring | Durango Silver Company

Ribbon Turquoise Rings

A Ribbon Turquoise Ring is highly unusual from the general Turquoise Ring you might see in the public. Ribbon Turquoise is cut from what is called saw rock, in the past a southwestern Turquoise cutter would saw the veins of Turquoise out of the rocks and hand cut into Turquoise Cabochons. In these times the public like natural things and they love the vein look which is actually how the Turquoise was formed, the vein was a crack in the host rock at one time millions of years ago, the Turquoise formed in these cracks and so Ribbon Turquoise is a natural formation.

We have created an interesting informational page showing you the different types of Ribbon Turquoise and Ribbon Turquoise Rings. We think you will appreciate it, you can find this page by following this link provided;

Ribbon Turquoise Ring | Durango Silver Company

A Ribbon Turquoise Ring by Durango Silver Co

The Turquoise Ring pictured above was produced here at Durango Silver Company. John Hartman hand cut the Ribbon Turquoise Cabochons and than proceeded to create the Sterling Silver setting that sets this stone off nicely. We consider this a Men's Turquoise Ring, however, we have had many women love this ring style and have accomadated them by making the same design style in much smaller ring sizes.

Durango Silver Company has been producing high end Turquoise Rings for well over 40 years. Our Turquoise Rings are handmade and they all have hand cut natural Turquoise cabochons unless they are of different material which we inform you of. Our Ribbon Turquoise Rings include cabochons that we have hand cut from rough Turquoise that we have personally mined or purchased directly from the mine owners - we use Natural Ribbon Turquoise and we cut it ourselves so we can gaurantee what we sell is authentic.

An American Ribbon Turquoise Ring

Ribbon Turquoise is found in the United States only as far as we have found. Although Turquoise is mined and made into Jewelry in other countries such as Egypt, Iran, China, Mexico and others, Ribbon Turquoise is not found in these areas. Today, you can be assured you are getting authentic hand made American Turquoise Jewelry with authentic Ribbon Turquoise from Nevada if you purchase it from Durango Silver Company.

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