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Turquoise Gold Rings | Durango Silver Company in Colorado

Turquoise Gold Rings

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Turquoise Gold Rings | Durango Silver Company in Colorado

Turquoise Gold Rings by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing Gold Rings with Turquoise for over 40 years. John and Estell Hartman began their Turquoise quest in the late 1960's and by 1972 they had mined Turquoise at the Stormy Mountain Turquoise Mine with one of the most famous Turquoise Minors in the history of American Turquoise, Cutler Edgar of Battle Mountain, Nevada. By 1972, John and Estell were producing some of the only Turquoise in Gold Rings coming out of the American Southwest, Turquoise set in Gold was very scarce at that time. Cutler taught John and Estell that there is Turquoise and then there is high-grade Turquoise that was, and still is, very rare as less then 5% of the Turquoise that comes out of any Turquoise Mine in the world is ultra-grade. That was embedded in their minds and in the past forty years they believe Cutler knew his stuff! John and Estell have collected high-grade Turquoise since those early years and you will find the Gold Turquoise Jewelry produced by Durango Silver Company to still be some of the most unique jewelry of this kind in America.

Ultra-Grade Turquoise Gold Rings

We are constantly asked if we will sell our rough high grade Turquoise and we answer we only sell it in Jewelry produced by our company. We have found there are very few people that can cut high-grade Turquoise without butchering it. We cut all of the stones used in our Jewelry and we are very careful not to waste any of our precious ultra-grade Turquoise. If you are interested in a Turquoise Gold Ring, we invite you to follow the link from the left side of the website. If you are interested in having a special Gold Ring made with ultra-grade Turquoise - talk to Dillon Hartman at 970 375-2401.

We buy high-grade Turquoise

If you have or believe you have high grade Turquoise and you would like to sell it, please send photos of your Turquoise to John Hartman at Also, write down what you know about your Turquoise such as its history.

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