Sunday, November 1, 2015

VIctorian Turquoise Ring | Durango Silver Company

Victorian Turquoise Ring

There has been a lot of Turquoise Jewelry made throughout the world in the last 5,000 years. Durango Silver Company has been creating some unusual Turquoise Jewelry that is new to the American Southwest, Victorian Turquoise Jewelry! Dillon Hartman has written a very inclusive informational page on the Victorian Turquoise Ring types that we are producing here at Durango Silver Company. We invite you to follow this link to view this page. VIctorian Turquoise Ring | Durango Silver Company.

A Victorian Turquoise Rings by Durango Silver

John Hartman of Durango Silver Company has been creating unusual designs since the 1970's. He has designed for many other companies other than his own including the May Company, the Fred Harvey Company, Billy Martins of NYC, multiple Turquoise Jewelry manufacturers in Arizona and New Mexico and many publications. John had collected American Antiques for over 40 years when he began creating Victorian styled Silver and Gold Jewelry, recently, John created his Victorian Styled Turquoise Jewelry that has been a design for the company. You will love this new style of Jewelry exclusively produced by our company.

The Presentation, "Victorian Turquoise Ring"

 Dillon's new page on the Victorian Turquoise Ring has many different photo examples as well as a lot of good information introducing you to this exciting new style from the American Southwest and from our company. In viewing this page you will easily be able to follow links to our  Victorian Style Turquoise Jewelry and you can also simple type Victorian Turquoise Jewelry or Ring into our Search Box to lead you to many product pages of this type of Jewelry.

We look forward in your comments on our unique creations and hope you will find a Victorian Turquoise Ring for your collection.

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